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Featured Products


Carpets add to the décor by using color, patterns and pile heights. The carpeting can create the image you want in your home or business. Carpet can help save energy as it is an important co...

Laminate Glass

Laminated glass is  a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. Laminated natural organic elements provides your glass with unique patterns. The laminated glass encloses leaves,...

PVC Vinyl Flooring

Wood click is a PVC decorative tile with wood design and texture produced by high pressure impact process. Featuring with unilin patterned technologies  ,making installation  fast and sim...


SunEast  wallpaper has been founded since 1978,and provides the professional and service attitude of business wall materials ,and is committed to the production of high qualit...

Parquet Floor

Parquet flooring can be laid in various kinds of beautiful patterns. We have equipped them with a better installation system. Laminate parquet flooring makes our floors not only look good, but also...

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